I was born 12 of April 1987 in ancient Neyshabour city (Iran) and my family was a typical and inartistic one.
There was a passion of unordinary stuff in my head! Things like UFO, aliens and even dinosaurs! That was why I felt in love with Sci-Fi movies.
Spending so much time on drawing the creatures that I’ve created in my mind in the childhood, I’ve found three reasons that differed me from others. In the very first days of the art classes in primary school at the same time that my classmates were drawing ordinary stuff (like house, car or their father and mother),I was drawing giants and aliens! Because of that, I was always been praised by my teacher or even my classmates.
Second thing is something that I was really surprised by… when keenly watching my favorite movies, surprisingly, I could see the characters that I’ve designed before acting on those movies!
And last but not the least, at the same time that I loved to draw villains and their dark characteristics, there was a passion of drawing positive characters in me. Firstly, I’ve started to copy my favorite characters but after a while, the creating procedure of my own characters began. These achievements from 1992 to 2012 made me more motivated to keep going.

M o r e

Years passed from childhood and I’ve got certain about the point that art is something powerful in my existence and I must improve it .Until now, I’ve done so many things to make this goal happen and my whole vision for future is to use my power in this field for finding keys that could help the society of artists grow.

M o r e

H O W   I   W O R K



ASUS Laptop (Windows 7 Professional 64-bit , Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU @2.20GHz+8.00 GB RAM)
Wacom Cintiq 21UX (DTK-2100)


•Photoshop CS4 & CC
•Corel Painter11

Tools that I use:

•Adobe Creative Cloud (After effect ,Illustrator ,Premiere ,Audition Acrobat)
•Autodesk Sketchbook
•Autodesk 3Ds Max
•Autodesk Maya
•Z brush
•Anime Studio
•Microsoft Office

I use anything to develop my ideas and software is a useful tool to do this, Adobe Photoshop is a great companion and I use it very often.
If needed, I will use different software’s to create different and sophisticated artworks.



Born: 12.4.1987
Degree: B.A in graphic design
Visual arts creator/ director, ideologist, art and creativity manager/ inventor, art researcher and analyst / sculptor / visual arts teacher
Official member of Iran’s National Elites Foundation , Iran’s Inventors Association and Iran’s
Registered invention in art’s field ( image understanding for blind people) (2005)
3 individual fairs in field of conceptual arts specialized for animation, game development, film and book illustration
Setting-up different digital painting workshops since 2012
More than 30 published books in field of youth and adult depiction.
More than 30 national certificates in different fields of art.
Professional freelancing carrier as advertising campaigns designer and idea developers manager for well-known governmental and private organizations, companies and different companies since 2004. Advisor in national and international ATL and BTL campaigns.